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Artist: Florence + The Machine

Album: Ceremonials (Deluxe)

Title: Landscape (Demo)

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Most Tahnorra art has Korra comforting Tahno about the loss of his bending, but I was thinking a little further down the line.  I like to imagine that Tahno would eventually return the favour at a time when Korra needs it most.  She’s the Avatar, there’s a huge weight on her shoulders, the guy she likes is with someone else…  I don’t know.  I’d be headed for another breakdown at some point if I were her, especially after living a somewhat sheltered life and then being thrown into this war on benders. 

There were supposed to be more parts, but… I’m so lazy.  I don’t have a particular story behind this one.  Korra’s about to do something drastic, and Tahno finds her and pulls her away at the last minute.  Maybe something happened to Naga or her friends or her family.  Maybe the pressure started getting to her.  Maybe Mr. Eyebrows was being a jerk again.  I don’t know.  Was listening to “Landscape” by Florence + the Machine while drawing this.

This is all kinds of terribad, I don’t even have the words to describe its terribadness.  You’re welcome to try, however.

Oh god what I don’t ship them but this is wonderful *gross sobbing*

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